The Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey

“Teachers know what it takes to create safe, healthy, engaging learning environments, and we know that many teachers leave Oakland because these conditions and supports are lacking. This is our chance to speak up about what we need to support excellent teaching and learning! I urge you to take this survey.”
Betty Olsen-Jones, President
Oakland Education Association

Thank you, Oakland educators! Nearly 1,400 participants, representing over 60% of the district's educators completed the survey. Click here to view the response rate

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The Oakland Unified School District wants to ensure that every OUSD educator has the supportive environment necessary to support thriving students every day. That is why we are providing the Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning (TELL) Survey from April 11th- May 13th!

If you have any questions, please review the BRIEF FAQs.

The TELL OUSD Survey is an opportunity for you, as an OUSD educator, to provide leadership and direction in ensuring that every educator has the supports and conditions necessary to be successful every day. The TELL OUSD Survey is supported by the Oakland Unified School District and the Oakland Education Association.

Superintendent Tony Smith

“It’s critical that our professionals in the classroom, the adults who work most closely with our students, share their insights and expertise as we work together to produce better, more equitable outcomes for students. In order to achieve these results, we must create environments that allow for high levels of learning and social growth and teachers must be our partners in establishing those conditions.”

Tony Smith
Superintendent of the Oakland Unified School District
Oakland, California

TELL OUSD Survey is administered by the New Teacher Center. NTC has administered similar teaching conditions surveys s in twelve states and 6 districts since 2008, hearing from more than 500,000 educators. For more information, please visit